v1adis1av (v1adis1av) wrote in science_freaks,

От "Шпрингера" я такого не ожидал

Издательство "Springer" в серии "Fundamental Theories of Physics" (Vol. 156, 2007) выпустило книжку "Controlled Nucleosynthesis". Определённо наши клиенты.

"It reports the results of experiments wherein for the first time the nuclei constituting our world (those displayed in Mendeleev's table as well as the super-heavy ones) have been artificially created. Pioneering breakthroughs are described, achieved at the "Proton-21" Laboratory, Kiev, Ukraine, in a variety of new physical and technological directions.
A detailed description of the main experiments, their analyses, and the interpretation of copious experimental data are given, along with the methodology governing key measurements and the processing algorithms of the data that empirically confirm the occurrence of macroscopic self-organizing processes leading to the nuclear transformations of various materials."

Сайт клиентов: http://www.proton21.com.ua/index_ru.html
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