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Морозов Валерий Борисович

О вечном...


Patent Office

Abstract of GB300311
300,311. Brown, T. T. Aug. 15, 1927. Self-driving machines. - The Specification states that if two conducting bodies rigidly connected have a difference of electrical charge there is a resultant unbalanced gravitational force which will produce motion. A power-producing unit is shown in Fig. 8, and consists of alternated insulating slabs 1 and conducting plates 2. In the device shown in Fig. 6 the parts are arranged to produce rotary motion. In a further modified form, designed to produce rotary motion, the slabs and plates are arranged radially upon. a shaft to be rotated. In Fig. 5, one of the conductors is heated by means of a vacuum tube, the heating increasing the force produced.  
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