Alex (dr_alex) wrote in science_freaks,

Индусы наступают.

Так как я перманентно нахожусь в состоянии вялотекущего поиска подходящего тэньюра, то довольно долгое время подписан на подписку от TipTop Job Announcements (Institute of Physics, UK). Так вот вчера среди прочего я наткнулся на такое вот чудо:

Wanted a publisher for epoch making manuscript titled Modification of Einstein’s E=mc2 .Einstein has speculated E=mc2, in paper published in Annalen der Physik . If critically analyzed this derivation has serious limitations as it also contradicts the Law of Conservation of Matter. Neither Einstein nor other scientists have noticed this aspect. It has been exclusively discussed in research papers by the author. These papers are published (or in press) in international peer review journals and proceedings of the international conferences. Then authors derived new equation ‘delta E = Ac2 delta M’ and applied the same in various phenomena. All the published work in international journals has been elaborated in manuscript, Modification of Einstein’s E=mc2 . This manuscript has 5 chapters, for general understanding Chapter 5 contains about 60 FAQs regarding Einstein’s E=mc2 and history of science. Thus a publishers is required for this epoch making book, which will be useful in centuries to come.

Не думаю что тут нужен перевод. Оригинал с контактами автора "эпохальной" теории тут.
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