Максим (wealth) wrote in science_freaks,

профессор Канарев - first freak

"учОный" - некий профессор Канарев зажигает. Не только зажигает в интернете [таких "зажигателей" несметное количество], он еще и на конференциях зажигает. Чего стоит его трактат под скромным названием "Niels Bohr's Errors" [zipped Word document (74 kB)].

Now we’ll try to finds the sources of Niels Bohr errors, which caused an erroneous notion concerning an orbital movement of the electrons in the atoms. The beginning of these errors is connected with the mistakes hidden in the analysis of the spectra of the hydrogen atom [...] This mistake is based on Louis de Broglie’s erroneous idea concerning wave nature of the electron (he was awarded the Nobel Prize for it in the year of 1929 with the following wording: “For discovery of wave nature of the electron”. In the succeeding lectures, we shall describe the electromagnetic structure of the electron in detail and shall show that it is a particle, not a wave. Diffraction patterns are formed as a result of interaction of spins of the elementary particles when they cross their path. That's why the above-mentioned patterns do not concern the wave features of the elementary particles. Thus, according to Louis de Broglie’s erroneous idea a whole number N of the waves λ of the electron is set in the circumference of radius R, which is circumscribed by the electron while its orbital movement.

Я начал цитировать Канарева по мере прочтения его трактата и понял, что цитировать необходимо все - от начала и до конца. Это просто праздник души - цирк уехал, а клоуны, как вы понимаете, остались.

Мама родная, посмотрел я программу конференции!!! УжОс!!!
Generator with Energy Conversion and Anti-Gravity-Effects: An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System, V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin, Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia
New Methods for Energy Generation and Gravity Control: Electrogravitic Phenomena based on the Subquantum Kinetics Theory, Dr. Paul LaViolette, President of the Starburst Foundation, Alexandria, VA /USA
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