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Information Relativity Theory Solves the Twin Paradox Symmetrically
Article · September 2016

1st Ramzi Suleiman
25.51 · University of Haifa

The Twin Paradox is one of the most fascinating paradoxes in physics. In Special Relativity, the paradox arises due to the nonexistence of a preferred frame of reference, resulting in both twins observing that he or she is younger than the other twin. Nonetheless, it is commonly agreed that the "traveling" twin returns younger than the "staying" twin. The prevailing solution is obtained by deviating from the relativity principle and assuming that the "staying" twin's frame is preferred over the "traveling" twin's frame. Here I describe a newly proposed relativity theory, termed Information Relativity (IR) and show that it solves the twin paradox symmetrically, with the twins aging equally.


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Парадокс близнецов является одним из самых захватывающих парадоксов в физике. В специальной теории относительности, парадокс возникает из-за отсутствия предпочтительной системы отсчета. В результате чего он или она моложе другого близнеца? Тем не менее, обычно утверждают, что "бегущие" близнец возвращается моложе "пребывания" двойника. Преобладающее решение получается отход от принципа относительности и предполагая, что в системе "неподвижного" БЛИЗНЕЦА является предпочтительной по сравнению с "бегущей" системой близнецов. Здесь я описываю недавно предложенную теорию относительности, называемая Информационная теория относительности (ИК) и показываю, что она решает парадокс близнецов симметрично, с близнецами стареющими в равной степени.

Опубликовано: 29 июн. 2015 г.

This video is based in part on a lecture delivered on June, 2015 by Prof. Suleiman at the Center for Polymer Studies, Department of Physics, Boston University. It was filmed by Moustafa EL-Husseiny, Al Jazeera correspondent in N.Y. at the home garden of Emily Damron and Tom Cox, Brooklyn, N.Y.

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my photo 1I studied at the Department of Psychology, the University of Haifa, where I received my M.A. degree in clinical psychology (thesis: Structure of National and Civil Identity of Educated Arabs in Israel) and my Ph.D. degree in decision making (dissertation: Provision of Step-Level Public Goods under Uncertainty). I also studied at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where I received my M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (thesis: Image Improvement by Coherent Spatial Filtering). During the last forty five years I taught at many academic institutions, including the Department of Management & Policy and the Department of Marketing at the University of Arizona, The Department of Psychology at Tel-Aviv University, and the Departments of Psychology and Economics and the School of Political Science at the University of Haifa. At the University of Haifa I served at several administrative positions, including Chair of the Psychology Department, Head of the Social Psychology Graduate Program and Head of the Social Psychology Laboratory. I am also co-founder and editorial member of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation.

I have recently become interested in physics, particularly in relativity theories, cosmology and small particles’ physics. During last year, I have written a relativity theory, titled "A Simple Relativity Theory of Everything", which among several important results, solves the puzzle of dark matter and dark energy, which constitutes together about 95% of the universe. Links to the manuscript of my theory of everything, and to two related manuscripts, appear above in the "selected papers" window.
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