(M)ike (m_ike) wrote in science_freaks,

Das ist fantastisch!

I’ve heard Similac is the best formula and my doctor even recommended it. Why would I buy your organic formula over Similac?

Similac does not contain any organic ingredients, which means these formulas are loaded with pesticides and GMO’s which have not been proven safe for human consumption. The first ingredient in Similac is corn syrup. In other words highly processed genetically modified sugar (генетически модифицированный сахар!). Similac has enabled babies to be addicted to sugar from day 1. Sugar has been proven to be more addictive then cocaine (Доказано, что сахар вызывает более сильное привыкание, чем кокаин!). Sugar has also been proven to cause an array of health issues and it feeds cancer cells.


Засомневался, нужен ли тут тег "идиоты". Пожалуй, нет: идиотами эти schweine считают своих покупателей.
Tags: ГМО, шарлатаны
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