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Замечательный англоязычный фрик:
Правда он, по моему, просто деньги зарабатывает.

Советские психотронные генераторы,
усиленные в виртуальном Стоунхедже

Psychotronic Generators

Each Quartz Crystal has been reconfigured by Remote Influencing into a Psychotronic Amplifier, as used by Soviet Bloc Psi-Adepts.

Each amplifier is tuned to the client, empowered in a virtual Stonehenge, and comes in a black velvet bag with personalised identification. Since Tim Rifat is the only expert on this technology outside of Russia, this is the first time theses device have been on offer to anyone in the West - they were only previously available as weapons for Soviet remote influencers.

Анти-оккультные технологии,
торсионные двухчастичные циклотроны против магии


Anti-magic for psi-adepts the key to psychokinesis.

This undoes the apparent reality of occultists, illuminati, etc., freeing mankind to follow grace, the will of the Supreme Being, rather than being the vehicle of damnation, trapped in the matrix prison. A BSRI Psiadept therefore uses the technology:

To implement this AOT the system consists of 12 torsionic soliton biparticle cyclotron PCs. These are placed in a circle to contain the power of the occult entity and to funnel it into the centre of the circle in which is placed the BSRI-AOT psychotronic pyramid; which is placed on one of its triangular faces with the point facing south.

Гоэтичные демоны на службе Иллюминатов-Сотонистов,
правящих Россией руками восьми олигархов


There are 72 classes of Goetic demons/archdemons used by the lluminati since the sixteenth century to be the agents of occult RI and psychokinesis; these servants of darkness are used to kill, influence, drive mad… control humanity.

In the process, however, the Illuminati took over Germany and completely dominated control of the Russian Federation’s wealth through their eight oligarchs. So using the Goetia as psychotronic tools, the Illuminati have destroyed their enemy, no matter how psychically advanced.

Since the Illuminati are dedicated Satanists, they view the rise of the Moral Majority in the US with dismay. As a right-thinking person, I have developed technology to totally expunge the Goetia so that the US can bear the light of Christianity to the world, keeping in mind that the EU is now dominated by Satanic practices …

Борьба с происками самозванцев



As the sole discoverer of this technology, I created the archetype for psychotronic crystals... power rings, knowing that human nature being what it is, parasites would come along deceiving the public into thinking that counterfeit devices could be used with my protocols and have the same effect.

All customers who have purchased products from RV Magic owned by Paul Hughes Barlow should be aware that he has been counterfeiting my products, as he was advertising I manufactured crystals for RV Magic which was false. Anyone having RV Magic crystals should be aware that their use with my protocols reverses their effects - you have been warned. I have received numerous reports of counterfeit crystals and psychotronic products causing illness, mental problems, possession and catastrophic bad luck. If you have bought any of these dangerous counterfeit items off conmen, please destroy and be sure to bury the remnants in running water or salt lined pits in the soil.
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