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Фруктовая смесь, известная как AS10, была разработана сотрудниками NASA для защиты астронавтов от радиации. Обычным потребителям инновационное средство также способно принести пользу, значительно уменьшая количество морщин и пигментных пятен на коже.

Напиток AS10 был создан в качестве пищевой добавки для астронавтов, чтобы защитить их от разрушительного воздействия высокого уровня излучения за пределами земной атмосферы.

What is unique about the AS10 Combination?
Why take supplements based on space research?
Based on joint research with NASA / Johnson Space Centre - the AS10 Combination is a combined multi-vitamin and anti-oxidant formula.

This AS10 drink was mentioned last year on Fox affiliate channel 26. A "press release" said: "The outcomes of this study are yet another success story in a line of nutritional technology advancements born from the research partnership between NASA/JSC and AmeriSciences started six years ago with the signing of a Space Act Agreement."

But when you go to the AmeriSciences website you see that they are out of business: "AmeriSciences is hard at work to resolve challenges that have required us to cease normal operations for the present. Our goal is to find a suitable venue to continue to provide you with the best nutritional products in the world.".

So ... who is making the AS10 that the people in Utah are using to make wrinkles go away?

A comment made on NASA Watch by Christopher Nelson, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs, University of Utah Health Care seeks to distance the university from all of this: "Aaron V. Barson, Jr. was a volunteer/adjunct clinical assistant professor at the University of Utah from 1988 through 2002. He currently has no affiliation with the University of Utah."

According to information provided by NASA PAO, the "AS10" food substance mentioned in this news story is not a NASA food product. This food substance may have been developed by someone else using a product developed originally by AmeriSciences but NASA itself has not used any material or food substance described in these various news stories related to wrinkles nor is it conducting any research related to the claims made in these news stories.

In summary: the University of Utah says that they have nothing to do with the researcher who is quoted and NASA has nothing to do with this research.

So, sorry to break the news - but NASA has not developed a way to get rid of all those wrinkles on your face.
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